Municipal Wastewater

When it comes to municipal pumping, the ability to pass solids, rags and fibrous material with minimal disruption is critical. Unscreened raw sewage can, and often does contain:

  • Large solid objects, such as bricks, pieces of wood, etc.
  • Large quantities of rags, diapers, pantyhose and an increasing amount of “disposable wipes”.
  • Quantities of abrasive grit and sand.
  • Undocumented corrosive liquids resulting from seawater infiltration on coastal sites or industrial effluents etc.                           

The Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller is, by virtue of its axial extension, able to pass solids and handle rags & fibrous material - while at the same time avoiding compromising the hydraulic design.  The axial extension provides sufficient freedom for the hydraulic designer to develop impellers of high efficiency, which is important to clients who purchase equipment to minimize life cycle costs as well as providing true non-clogging operation.

Network pumping stations, transfer pump stations, headworks and combined sewage/stormwater pump stations will incur high costs and other risks if the pumps installed are not capable of working without blocking.

  •  Collection Systems Pumping/Lift Stations
  •  Influent/Headworks Pumping Stations
  • RAS Pumping/Circulating
  •  Sludge Pumping


Hidrostal's range of screw centrifugal pumps is ideally suited to a broad range of industries.  Water and Wastewater solutions are just the beginning.  We can handle your needs from A to Z.  If your product is Apples or Zucchinis, Hidrostal can pump it and everything in between.  

Be it food or fish, paper or petrochemicals, oil or olives, whatever your sector Hidrostal's high quality pumps and pumping systems can benefit your business.

Between our North American installations or through our global network, we have experience with nearly any application and can assist and provide guidance to solve your toughest problems.

 Hidrostal Pumps have a proven track record in the following industries:

  • Aquaculture 
  •  Brewing
  •  Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  •  Food Processing
  • Paper
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  •  Sugar refining                   

Hidrostal's low shear impeller is ideally suited to the delicate transfer of fruit and vegetable, fish and delicate crystals.  Yet it's unrivalled solids handling capabilities offer optimum movement of effluent and wastewater, slurries and sumps. 

We have an extensive list of clients and are confident of the value our Hidrostal pumps have brought to our customers.  If you have a particularly difficult installation, please consider Hidrostal.


Fish Friendly

Hidrostal's range of pumps and associated products offer the ideal solution to address a variety of environmental and ecological concerns.

Aquaculture/Fish Farming

  • Hatcheries
  • Dams/River Diversions
  • Land/Water Drainage projects
  • Raw Water Intakes for power plants & industry

They are the experts in the design, installation and commissioning of “Fish Friendly Pumps”, having patented the first ever Fish Friendly Pump over 50 years ago.  Our pumps have undergone rigorous field-testing to test and certify their effectiveness.

While this is an established requirement in the European Union (EU) the concept of certified “Fish Friendly” pumps, the trend is gaining momentum in the USA and Canada too.  Increased requirements on river & dam projects, Utility water intakes and fisheries are all seeing this as a growing trend.  The EPA, the US Fish & Wildlife, Environment Canada, Parks Canada and a host of State and Province organizations are all pushing stricter activities surrounding this topic.

The current range includes both Fish Friendly Pumps and Fish Transfer Pumps that are suitable for a wide variety of sizes and species of eels and fish. Their pumps are suitable for aquaculture, water extraction and land drainage applications.

The Hidrostal Group has substantial expertise and options for your Fish Friendly needs.  Let us help you with a solution!  For more information and detailed resources our ‘Sister’ company in the UK has developed a specific website detailing this topic.  Please visit this site at


Hidrostal can also meet your pumping needs for other applications that are outside of the above categories.  Whether it is flood control, drainage or agricultural, chances are we have already solved the problem somewhere else in the world.  If you have a tough problem you have to solve, please contact us to assist you.

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