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The Hidrostal Pumps name, and logo are trademarks of Hidrostal LLC. Hidrostal and PREROSTAL are Registerered Trademarks of Frideco AG.  PreroClean, HidroMix, Sharkfin, JetDisk and FreeFlow are Trademarks of Frideco AG. The names and logos of other companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

The following names & product models are published as trademarks of Hidrostal LLC:


A2Q™          D3K™          D4K™          E4K™          E5K™            E8K™            F4K™           F6K™            F10K™

H5K™          H8K™           H12K™       I6K™            I10K™          I16K™           L12K™         L20K™         M-700™


A2Q-E™          A2Q-R™          A2Q-S™

D3K-L™          D3K-M™          D3K-H™          D3K-S™

D4K-LT™          D4K-HS™          D4K-S™


E5K-LL™          E5K-LS™          E5K-L™          E5K-LM™          E5K-M™          E5K-H™          E5K-S™

E8K-LL™          E8K-LS™          E8K-HD™          E8K-SS™

F4K-MH™          F4K-S™

F6K-L™          F6K-M™          F6K-H™          F6K-S™

F10K-MD™          F10K-HD™          F10K-SS™

H5K-MH™          H5K-S™

H8K-M™          H8K-H™          H8K-S™

H12K-MD™          H12K-HD™          H12K-SD™          H12K-SS™

I6K-MH™        I6K-S™

I10K-M™        I10K-H™          I10K-S™

I16K-MD™          I16K-HD™          I16K-SS™


L20K-HD™          L20K-SD™          L20K-SS™

M-700-HLN™          M-700-HLU™          M-700-LLT™          M-700-MLN™          M-700-SLU™

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“Pumping Solutions for Solids and Sludge Handling" is a service mark of Hidrostal LLC. The names of products and services of other companies mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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